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Ode to Self-Care:Parenting Without Panic

One of our  favorite songs of 2016 was “Borderline: Ode to Self Care” by Solange. It’s  a love song  about a couple deciding to take a break from their relationship.  The song is melodic and the lyrics are simple, “We've been lovers on a mission/It's safe place tonight/Let's play it safe tonight/Baby we've been lovers on a mission (all the way)/So let's take an intermission”.


As parents, we are trekking a nonstop mission of love, support and care for our children but,  in doing so, we often  neglect ourselves. Self neglect shows up in our nutrition, hygiene, clothing  and  in the way we act or respond. All of which impacts rearing our kids. But like the old adage reminds us “ you cannot give from an empty cup”. 

 Below  are some simple starter tips for busy  parents wanting to integrate more  self care practices. These tips are supported by research proven to be helpful to parenthood.: 

  • Getting enough sleep every night 

  • Staying hydrated (Water, not wine my friends!)

  • Getting regular exercise- take a walk or do 10 minutes of stretching ( Amazon has 10 minute workout videos... pilates, yoga, etc.  We love them!)

  • Spend a few hours  away from children. Do you know how great it is to go to Target without kids?  (Build a support system, some gyms or afterschool programs offer a “Parents Night Out” service, Meetup- parent groups, family and friends)

  • Coffee and quiet mornings are awesome! Wake up 30 minutes -hour early. No tv, no social media, no talking, just sit and be with yourself. 

Parents make time for yourselves, even if it's 2 minutes.  You deserve an intentional break and time to yourselves. “Take an intermission” as the last lyric boldly announces.

“You owe yourself the love that you so freely give others.” – Unknown

For more self care strategies and to get an audio version of this discussion in depth, check out our podcast!

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